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Should I Drink a Beer in the Shower?

Survey Says? Yes.

Shower Beer Saturdays – Lagunitas IPA

Shower Beer Saturday - Lagunita IPA

This Saturday we'll be discussing one of my all time favorites—the Lagunitas IPA. This earthy beer with big hop flavor jumps out to get you from the first sip. It has slight citrus notes which make it an awesome and refreshing shower beer choice. If you're going out tonight, I'd recommend hitting up the nearest spirit shop and pick up a six pack of these bad boys.

Check out this IPA and other Lagunitas beers on their website. Happy Saturday!

Shower Beer Saturdays - Anchor Bock Beer

Why does beer taste so good on Saturdays? Before a night on the town, I'm warming up with an Anchor Bock Beer. Which might have one of the sweetest labels on the planet...because it's a goat, and goats are funny. Now this beer was O-K which means it's worth drinking but nothing amazing stands out to me. Not sure I would buy another six-pack, but it's possible. Regardless, it's a beer in the shower and I'm still going out after - so everyone's a winner! That leads us to the question: What are you sipping on this Saturday?

Shower Beer Saturdays - New Albion Ale

It's Saturday - and that means it's shower beer time! Today is a New Albion Ale from New Albion Brewing Company. Pretty tasty business. It reminds me of our local pale ale from Schlafly Brewery in Saint Louis. Which can't be a bad thing, everything Schlafly makes is delicious. What are you sipping on this fine Saturday? 

Shower Beer Saturdays - Arrogant Bastard Ale

Every Saturday brings a new shower beer experience. This one in particular really kicks you in the face. Now I'm a big fan of anything Stone Brewing Co. makes - they do not mess around when it comes to bold beers. Today I'm enjoying an Arrogant Bastard Ale. And let me tell you, this is one delicious bastard.

Where NOT to Put Your Shower Beer?

Well - at least here's where to NOT put it...


Shower Beer Saturdays: Murphy's Irish Stout

Murphy's Stout

Oh boy, it has been a loooong week. This Saturday, I think I'll be taking a nice long shower before going out and what better friend to keep me company but a Murphy's Irish Stout tall boy. Long showers need long beers and Murphy's does the trick. This mild bev is the perfect beer to sip on while getting charged up for the evening. Its creamy flavors make it a great transition from day to drunk. I recommend picking some up for yourself.

Shower Beer Saturdays: New Belgium Abbey Ale

Ahhhhh Shower Beer Saturdays - my favorite day of the week! This week I'm enjoying a New Belgium Abbey Ale, which has a really unique flavor. I'll tell you what these Belgian style beers just keep me coming back for more. With a 7.00% ABV this Dubbel style ale makes a great beer. What shower beers are you drinking this week?

Shower Beer Saturdays: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

For this week's Saturday shower beer, we're taking a look at Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale. This fine little IPA has a nice copper color and a fantastic hoppy aroma. A shower creates the perfect balance to the dry finish that comes with this IPA. With an ABV of 6.80%, Celebration will give you a nice little kick start to your Saturday night.

Shower Beer Saturdays: Bell's Amber Ale

Welcome to our new series titled "Shower Beer Saturdays" - every Saturday we'll share a pic of our shower beer with you guys. Nothing fancy, just a beer in the shower. Today I went with a Bell's Amber Ale. Quite the tasty unit. Anything Bell's makes is spot on, I'd highly suggest picking up a six pack of their white winter ale right now (before it's too late). In starting this series we encourage you guys to share your shower beer pics with us also.

Enjoy a Fresh Shower Beer this Christmas

Happy Holidays from the guys at Shakoolie - Keep enjoying shower beers!

What's a Shower Beer?

Holy crap. Are you serious? Please tell me you didn't find this post because you've never experienced the full awesomeness of enjoying a cold beer in a hot shower.


I don't believe it. Refuse to ponder. Honestly, you're better than that. You deserve to enjoy everything American about a beer in the shower...

What's a shower beer?

It's easy so I won't bore you with details. A cold beer and a hot shower, that's it son! Trust me, life's simplest pleasures really are that simple... 

How does the shower beer compare?

The Shower Beer is the highest level of standards a beer can achieve (next to beach beers). Think Dungeon Master Level 90 in the beer world. It's Rocky Balboa knocking out Ivan Drago. It's taking a roundhouse kick to the face from Van Damme. Really, it's that good...  It goes like this:

  • Beach Beer > Shower Beer
  • Shower Beer > Tailgate Beer
  • Tailgate Beer > After Work Beer (After Work Shower Beer? #mindblow)
  • After Work Beer > Any Other Beer

Have you experienced life?

If you haven't experienced the incredibility of a shower beer, you haven't experienced life. We (just 2 guys) at Shakoolie have a mission - to make your shower just a little more party. If your objective is a good time, then we suggest you divulge into the finer things of life.  

What are you getting at?

Before your next night on the town, after a long day on the job, take an ice cold beverage with you into the shower. Crank the heat, and enjoy it. The founders at Shakoolie want to know, what's your favorite beer time?

Go ahead, let us know below. -Stay Party.

PS: Want to better your shower beer experience? Check out Shakoolie Shower Beer Holders here.