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MacGyver Hacks The Shower Beer

credit cmak316
A shower beer holder made from a clothes hanger? While we admire the Maguyver move - surely we can do better!

Shower Beers & Nachos? I think we've gone too far...

Let's not pretend like shower nachos are actually a thing, although I hear shower pizza is making a strong come back. 



Tacoma Man Searches Craigslist Casual Encounters to Share a Shower Beer With

Ahhhh, posted at 2am - you think alcohol was involved?



It's Your Shower - Why Not Booze If You Want To?

A Beer In the Shower is Worth Two in the Fridge


Yo Dawg - I Heard You Like Shower Beers?

shower beers, shower beer, showerbeer, shakoolie, xzibit, yo dawg

My Reaction When I Overhear a Group of Strangers Talking About the Joys of a Shower Beer

Shower Beer Poetry - A Modern Day Shakespeare

This is poetry at its finest!

Don't ya love shower beer nation? 


Shower Beer Thursdays - New Belgium Fat Tire

Shower beer Thursdays are the best Thursdays.

Why you might ask?

Because tomorrow is Friday, and that's the end of the work week, so why not enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Tonight I went with a Fat Tire - the amber ales of all amber ales. For some reason Fat Tire has always held a special place in my heart, it's a go to when I'm not feeling adventurous. It's smooth and goes great in the shower, although its a bit darker so make sure it's plenty cold before firing up the party.

Showerbeerability: 3.7 out of 5 

*The "Showerbeerability Scale" is officially recognized by NASA 

Shakoolie Still Holds Strong After 3 Years of Shower Beer Abuse

One of our followers recently tweeted an ancient Shakoolie still holding strong in the wild. Literally, this thing has been rockin' shower beers like a beast for 3 years long, and to that we say - shower beer on!

#holdingstrong #showerbeeron #Shakoolie

It's Time to "Embrace the Shower Beer"

Guess what Earthlings - it's time to embrace the shower beer! (and in no way is that a bad thing...)

Recently this Buzzefeed post went viral with over 500k views (and counting). We noticed Shakoolie got a little feature in the article, so we decided to share it here also. It's good to see the shower beer world start hitting the mainstream - keeps preaching to the masses shower beer enthusiast! 


Which State Drinks the Most Beer in the Shower?

According to our sales, California absolutely crushes the most shower beers!

Just a special thanks for being awesome California. Even in a drought, you guys stay hydrated and we can respect that.

#cheers #showerbeer


Shower Beer Thursdays - Left Hand Brewing Co. Sawtooth Nitro

It's my favorite time of the week - Shower Beer Thursdays!

One might ask, what is Shower Beer Thursdays? Well my friends - it's a time to reflect on the work week, then remember tomorrow is Friday, and let the weekend begin.  

In other words, have a freaking beer because its pretty much Friday (pseudo work days anyways, amirite?).

This week I went with the Left Hand Brewing Co. Sawtooth Nitro.

My thoughts? Meh.

It's pretty grassy. It's an ESB (strong bitter) which isn't my favorite in the first place. Something falls flat with me on the ESB style and this one in particular. But hey, the shower was hot, and the beer was ice cold. Which always helps. Imo a Budweiser would have been better in the shower - but I still have much love for Left Hand's other beers!

Showerbeerability*: 2.6 out of 5

*The new "Showerbeerability Scale" has officially been adapted by NASA 

Are You A Shower Beer Wizard?

Well...are ya?

Have You Ever Enjoyed a Cocktail in the Shower?

One of our Twitter followers recently decided to use her Shakoolie to enjoy an ice cold cocktail in the shower.

Our response? GAME ON! 



Is Noon Too Early For Happy Hour?

Some Once Asked Us "Do You Drink Beer In The Shower?"

This was our response:


We've Gotta Get to Work!

The Lord of the Parties - The Fellowship of the Beer

lord of the rings pint

It began with the forging of the great beers. Three were given to the Seniors, wisest and oldest of all beings. Seven to the College-Lords, great drinkers and partygoers of the frat halls; and nine, nine beers were gifted to the race of freshmen, who above all else desire power. For within these beers was bound the ultimate liquid and the ingredients to govern each race. But they were all of them deceived, for another beer was made.

Deep in the colleges of Mordor, in the dormitory of College Doom, the Party Lord Sauron created a master beer, and into this beer, he poured his favorite flavors, his intoxication and his will to dominate all college life…One beer to rule them all.

Ever arranged a party? If not, we want you to know that it’s not easy. With a variety of beer available, choosing the right beer can be, well, tough. Fortunately, we’re going to make it easy for you. Grab a 6-pack of beer and read on because we’re going to show you how to choose the right beer and become the Lord of the Parties.


1 - How much do you have on you?

Did someone tell you to not be stingy and not waste money on beer? Tell them to go back to drinking milk! When it comes to beer, money is never an issue! Can I get an amen? But dude, that doesn’t mean you throw you savings down the line - not cool. Remember, you want to be Lord of the Parties, not Lord of the party, so save your money when you can. Once you have counted your money, ask yourself whether you can buy an almighty keg or a few measly 6-packs. If you have enough silver coins to buy a keg ($60+ for a decent keg), go for it - your fellowship will thank you for it. If you have $20 or so, buy 5 or 6 6-packs and you’re golden!


2 - Tis what Season to Drink Beer?

Before you pick up a few kegs, ask yourself, what season is it?
  • Tis the season to be merry?
  • Tis the season to be green?
  • Tis the season to get drunk? Can I get a YEAAAAHH?

If it’s Christmas, be merry and choose Christmas beers. You can find them easily and they will probably be on sale everywhere. If it’s St. Patrick’s day, grab a few Irish beers or grab a keg and make your own “green beer” with blue food dye. There’s definitely going to be a pot of gold on the end of that rainbow! Confused? Let me make it clear. Choose a beer that is in season and you’re golden! You will always get more bang for your buck.


3 - Think about the Drinkers

If middle earth (your home) is about to become party central, who are the fellowship? The first thing you need to do is think about who the cheapskates that are going to drink your beer will be. Ask yourself:
  • Are they hobbits who are worth a bit more moolah?
  • Is it a huge party where you invite the entire kingdom of men?
  • Do the cheapskates love local beer or the imported kind?
  • Do they like pale ales, whites or darks?
  • Does my fellowship drink likes the dwarves of old or the elves of some freaky forest?

Every single question tells you about what beer you should buy for your fellowship. Since half of you may not understand, here is an example. My fellowship has 9 hobbits who just want glorious beer - any kind. If so, I may choose cheap pale ale that will work wonders to get them drunk like they were still in the shire. If my fellowship “accidently” invited the entire kingdom of men, you’re going to need a keg or 2. I know, Hobbits, right?

These 3 questions are very important. Not only because we said so but because they can either make or break a party. Imagine ordering a keg of local ale for dwarves who pretend to be elves who love imported beer. It’s not a party that’s going to end well. Keep these 3 questions in mind and you will be able to lead your fellowship into glorious parties and become the Lord of the Parties. If you have ever hosted parties before, grab a beer and let us know how it went, what made you choose the beer you had and let us know what beer vanished before morning.

B-Men: The School of Gifted Beer Drinkers


Learn the Art of Drinking Beer at Shakoolie’s School for Gifted Beer Drinkers

My fellow beer drinkers, you are not alone in this world. Like you, there are millions of gifted beer drinkers who know the art of downing a cold one. If you are gifted at guzzling beer…

Welcome to Shakoolie’s School for Gifted Beer Drinkers!

Today, we are going to teach you the art of drinking beer; Shakoolie style! Without further ado, your teacher, Professor B.

Drinking in the Shower like Wolverine

Love drinking a frosty beer in the shower? Hate getting your favorite beer wet? So do we! Like wolverine, we never let that stop us so let nothing stop you, not even water!

Grab a Shakoolie my fellow gifted beer drinkers!

That shower koozie is going to help you not only drink that sucker down, it’s going to let you wash your abs down as well. Set it on the wall, place the beer in and drink beer like a Wolverine boss.

Drinking off Fatigue like Cyclops

With so much to “see” and do, Cyclops gets tired a lot. Not that he’s big or anything but rivaling Wolverine can get tiring. But, if there is one thing that Cyclops knows how to do, it’s power through the day…power beer that is! He knows that there is nothing like a cold power beer to help you get though the day!

So, the next time you feel tired, open the fridge, grab a power beer and guzzle that can down and get ready to whoop ass all over again!

Drink without Holding a Beer like Magneto

Magneto is a legend when it comes to levitating things. Other than his enemies, guns, the Golden Gate Bridge, do you know what the man loves to levitate? Beer! For him, gone are the days when he had to lift a beer in order to drink it.

Ok, we know that you can’t levitate a beer but you know what can? A beer hat!

If you’re watching your favorite movie, use the powers of the almighty beer hat and drink without ever having to lift up a beer ever again. I know, it brings a tear to my eye too.

Drink only an Ice Cold Beer like Iceman

Our own Iceman knows that nothing ruins beer more than heat. That’s why he dedicates his powers to keeping it cool - the beer that is!

If you’re drinking a beer - power, breakfast, shower, night or game beer - make sure it’s ice cold. What if it isn’t?

Don’t drink it!

If you drink it, we will expel you from the school for gifted beer drinkers!

Drink at a Party like Beast

Beast knows that to truly win in battle, you need to unleash the animal within. If you’re at a party, we expect you to live by his example and unleash the animal within.

Find the nearest keg, pour yourself a frosty and down it fast! Why? Because if you’re slow, the keg will be empty before you get your next cup!

Drink like there was no tomorrow like The Juggernaut

OK, so he isn’t part of the X-men but you have to love that guy, right? He’s really gifted.

Think about it…The juggernaut is known for many things, killing humans, pummeling everything in his way and smashing through walls. Do you know what else he’s famous for? Being an artist at beer guzzling!

This gifted beer drinker can smash through beer after beer like there was no tomorrow and we expect no less from our other gifted beer drinkers!

The next time you’re at a party:

1.       Line the cups up

2.       Open the keg’s tap

3.       Let the golden liquid flow

4.       Yell “I’m the Juggernaut B****”

5.       Smash your way through all the cups!

Want to go harder? Do the same thing, but in the shower. Line up your shower with Shakoolie mugs, fill them in with cans of your favorite beer and smash through your shower with shower beer!

In this world, you are either a gifted beer drinker or you are not. At Shakoolie’s School for Gifted Beer Drinkers, we help the gifted hone their drinking skills and enjoy beer like never before.

If you are a gifted beer drinker, we’d like to know what your super beer drinking powers are. Let us know in the comments below! If you don’t know yet, drink another beer, you may awaken your inner gift.

Class dismissed!

Shakoolie Father's Day Giveaway

shakoolie-facebook-ad Hey guys - we're giving away a Free Shakoolie to a worthy shower beer drinker for Dad's Day. Here's how you can win your very own: 1. Go to our Shakoolie Facebook Page and like this photo + tag a friend OR 2. Tweet this photo/page using hashtag #Shakoolie We will then select a random winner on Saturday - and you can decide if dad really gets your Free Shakoolie (shhhhhh your secret is safe with us, he doesn't have to know)...

Beer is Good but Beers are Better

Hells. Yes.

Any arguments? Nope? Then let's get a beer!

Rock Beats Scissors, But Beer Beats Everything!


Like that guy said, “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.” That’s the “responsible adult” thing right? Wrong! Screw lemonade, just like, give me a beer, man!

Yeah that’s right, and especially when I’m having an epically crappy day (and I don’t mean having a bad hair day either). I mean the kind of day when even the best thought out schemes of men and mice seem to go ass-ways and you get the feeling of your life being utterly de-f’n-railed.

Like many, I have moved on mentally from sitting in protest with a sign which reads "I’m Pissed Off” - not that I’m not pissed off, and not that high-visibility activism doesn't serve its purpose, it’s just that throwing tantrums is not my style. Besides, I’m in college and just don’t have the time.

If you just happened to be wondering how to loosen your train of thought, here’s what you do to bring some Zen back into your life.... A slippery tub, a steady stream of warm water, and limited room makes the shower an ideal place to get a chock full of good karma. The effectiveness of which is two-fold when beer is added to the equation.

This deceptively simple technique of re-arranging the mental furniture is far better than doing hard drugs or abusing soft drugs, which will inevitably push you into a mucky pond that is devoid of clarity. And while it’s fine to take a holiday there sometimes, (or, so I’m told), you really wouldn't want to live there. At best, being in that sort of limp state will only make you incapable of grasping hold of your thoughts properly. It will almost certainly lead you to drop those thoughts on the floor, tread on them while you try to grab hold and in most cases, will even lead you to throw up on them in the process.

Besides there’s always a time to march neath a banner like other socially conscious amigos, but mostly, changing the world, or your own sorry-state is all about low-key contemplation and making conscientious choices. The former can be achieved in the shower (with a cold beer), the latter, well, just stop scratching your nads and get off the damn sofa (loaf and learn, man!) So, fret not, for the golden plane, which is your life isn’t going to crash into the goddamn mountain any time soon. In the end, college life is all about strikes and gutters, and getting your rug peed on. When your plans seem to have come to a grinding halt like a stone in a friggin riverbed, you can tell the lemons to go fuck themselves, get a beer, and chug that beer down…in the shower.

Beer: The Most Male Thing in the History of Manliness

double fistin Few would disagree that beer is the most male thing in the history of manliness. It has always been used as an organic balm / logic potion to quench thirst and help men frolic in its foamy ways. Now before we drink deeper into this piss-colored beverage of life, it’s important for us to understand that the mind is a sacred thing, and though sometimes our bodies are not the temples we make them out to be, I feel that human consciousness is something which is best left undefiled. ….and if you’re in college then you’re probably laughing your ass off right now. Okay *rolls up sleeves* They say that there’s a story behind every beer. So, pull up a chair, and park your carcass right there. Apart from being at the very top of the nutritional pyramid and the fact that beer naturally gravitates to all things that are equally pleasurable, the main reason why beer is so fucking awesome is that it’s got iron in it. Yeah that’s right - Iron baby!

How much more masculine can it get?

Beer is made of iron! Okay so 0.07 to 0.15 milligram per glass isn’t something to get ape shit about. But still, just taking a shower with it practically turns you into a cyborg, which automatically adds serious brownie points. Think about it, beer is the kind of drink the Terminator would drink. Iron is the stuff they put in batteries, which means that you come with extra benefits for the ladies, (including the fact that you shower of course, so you no longer smell like road-kill).

And you thought blueberry ale was weird?

What, not enough? It’s even got gun-powder in it! (Well, some of them do, anyway!) Since the need to experiment with inedible sounding ingredients is even greater than before, nowadays brewers are unveiling oddball concoctions stirred up from gun-powder and many other stomach-turning ingredients as well. So, I’m thinking, maybe gun-powder is made up of some kind of mineral. In that case, I’m so goddamn manly (and craggy) that I need to wash my insides with friggin gun-powder. That’s right, read it and weep. I'm pretty sure of the fact that just being in the same room with someone (me) who has just taken a shower with this stuff is enough to increase your testosterone levels, whether you’re a male, female, or genderless.

And let’s not forget…

Keeping in line with Eastern tradition, dudes are often fond of taking long leisurely baths…okay…okay….showers! While the elite choose to cover up their funk with expensive perfumes and what not, my uptight attitude towards good personal hygiene isn’t borne of keeping away germs or grime. The ritual of bathing is a holy one, and the time spent in a dude’s shower, (with or without a companion) is a spiritual one. It’s similar to a mini-vacation from the world of garments and restrictions. Just like digging back into the private residence of a warm, soft womb, having a beer in the shower is a retreat from an otherwise rough day. And after I have scrubbed myself from my toes to my ears and everything in between, (including my soul) the only manly thing in my loving lady friends is going to be me, oh yes, I'm looking at you, Mrs. Alison from science class, try ignoring me now!

Bottom line guys

In the end, enjoying a thermally-appropriate beer, while taking a shower, is the best way to unwind after a long day. And remember, the end is near, but now is here, so have a beer, (in the shower, where else, and skip the dope and whale sounds dude!) (Now *hick* that was far out, sseez youzzz lateerr.rr maaaaan!)

Shakoolie Sponsors Saint Louis Microfest 2014

Shakoolie Microfest Saint Louis 2014 The 2-man Shakoolie crew (and their wives) would like to thank Saint Louis Microfest for giving us the opportunity to be sponsors/vendors this year. The event benefits Lift For Life Gym which is a non-profit in Saint Louis City that offers impoverish youth a constructive and recreational opportunity to build their bodies and minds. Which is such a great alternative to idleness, crime, drugs and violence. So all in all it was a great event to helps the kids, and the beer was just an added bonus. We had a blast, and hopefully we'll get to see you guys again next year!

How Does Shakoolie Hold Your Shower Beer?

Beer in the shower? A koozie that sticks to your shower wall!? What is this sorcery!!??   Well, it's not exactly magic guys - but one thing's for sure, Shakoolie is dead effective at holding your shower beers! Oh, did we mention that's a full 16 oz can it's holding?  That's right, this bad boy could easily hold a 24 oz tallboy (ya know, for the "more adventurous" weekend warriors). Still don't believe us? Just check out the quick demo video above...

That Feeling When You Think You're Out of Beer...

But then realize you still have beer!

March Madness Calls for a Beer in the Shower

It’s March Madness people, and if you’re like us, you probably haven't stopped the SportsCenter binge to take a shower, let alone clear the empty Budweiser cans from what was once your living room. And trust us, we get it...there's way too many college hoops going down! But even if you're hunkered down in Papa John's boxes, you still need to shower (like dude, seriously). And why not enjoy a tasty beverage while you get clean? So as a friendly reminder from the two guys at Shakoolie, take a shower this March Madness. The world will appreciate it. Here's to cheers, shower beers, and may your bracket win Buffet's billion dollars...I mean, one in 9.2 quintillion is still pretty good odds, right?

Quite Possibly The Greatest Murica Koozie Ever Made?

Does it get more patriotic than this?

Introducing our new "Murican's For Shower Beers" design. It's a bit of a revamp from the old design, and we figured this patriotic eagle was the perfect touch. Now every shower across this great country can let Freedom ring to the sound of fresh beers cracking everywhere! Why you ask? Because, well, this is 'Murica!

Here's 5 Quick Tips for Surviving Saint Patrick’s Day

(Disclaimer: In no way do I know actual Irish slang - but I do have the internets!) Did ya know St. Paddy’s falls on a Monday this year? Sure, every few years it falls on a weekend, but c'mon - MONDAY? Who royally pissed off the beer gods this year (I swear it wasn't us)? Hopefully you've scheduled PTO, forewarned all innocent neighbors, and solidified that your sister gets your dog (ya know, in case you don't make it back).  Fair play! Now we're suckin' diesel, and ya ought to be, because the onslaught of car bombs and  shenanigans about to go down would have any Irishman sloshed in no time! But no worries, we got ya covered. Here's 5 quick tips to surviving Saint Paddy's Day:

1.  Kick the Hooley Off Early

You're going on a bloody tear of a party, so don’t mess this up fella. You need practice. Warm-ups if you will. You think a football player steps on the field without stretching? (and no, we're not talking American throwball) Feck no! Start by pissing up Friday and Saturday, and then carb-loading on Sunday. The extra drinking practice you get in this weekend will ensure you're prepared for St. Paddy's Day celebrations. Kegs and eggs roll around early on a Monday mates!

2.  Drink Like an Irishman

Invest in some Irish Whiskey and a good flask. Once you're swimming in a sea of people dressed in green and ossified by 10 am - one tends to lose their bearings. And if ya get lost early then pulling shorts off the flask will fuel your fire to fight the crowds like a true Irishman. Well also, it's whiskey - so ya know, why not?   

3.  Embrace the Luck of the Leprechaun

Go ahead, drape yourself in green and gold. Embrace your inner leprechaun. Hell, multiple jars of black stuff might have ya as full as a Catholic School and believing you're a leprechaun yourself. And leprechauns always go for the gold. You are going for the gold this St. Paddy's Day, aren't cha?

4.  Always Go Full Potato

It's no secret the Irish love their potatoes, it was a staple during the Great Famine. And there's no reason for you to not carb-up on St. Paddy's Day. You need a good base to soak up the scoops. And eat early, otherwise you'll be in a bit of hames later that evening. Nobody needs a polluted friend drunkenly counting down the bottles of beer on the wall by noon.

5.  Remember: A Sound Man is Yer Only Man

You need a good reliable chap. An honest mate. We're talking the freckin' buddy system here people!
There's going to be hundreds of green beer enthusiasts with partying on the mind. It's a mess. That's why you need a friend to look out for ya. To make sure you don't wonder off the beaten path and start causing a muck or getting lost. Last thing you need is to not show up to work on Tuesday because you fell in a back alley dumpster.


Also, don’t end up at the same bar as your boss later that night. No amount of green beer will get your job back, homie...