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MacGyver Hacks The Shower Beer

credit cmak316
A shower beer holder made from a clothes hanger? While we admire the Maguyver move - surely we can do better!

Shower Beers & Nachos? I think we've gone too far...

Let's not pretend like shower nachos are actually a thing, although I hear shower pizza is making a strong come back. 



Tacoma Man Searches Craigslist Casual Encounters to Share a Shower Beer With

Ahhhh, posted at 2am - you think alcohol was involved?



It's Your Shower - Why Not Booze If You Want To?

A Beer In the Shower is Worth Two in the Fridge


Yo Dawg - I Heard You Like Shower Beers?

shower beers, shower beer, showerbeer, shakoolie, xzibit, yo dawg

My Reaction When I Overhear a Group of Strangers Talking About the Joys of a Shower Beer

Shower Beer Poetry - A Modern Day Shakespeare

This is poetry at its finest!

Don't ya love shower beer nation? 


Shower Beer Thursdays - New Belgium Fat Tire

Shower beer Thursdays are the best Thursdays.

Why you might ask?

Because tomorrow is Friday, and that's the end of the work week, so why not enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Tonight I went with a Fat Tire - the amber ales of all amber ales. For some reason Fat Tire has always held a special place in my heart, it's a go to when I'm not feeling adventurous. It's smooth and goes great in the shower, although its a bit darker so make sure it's plenty cold before firing up the party.

Showerbeerability: 3.7 out of 5 

*The "Showerbeerability Scale" is officially recognized by NASA 

Shakoolie Still Holds Strong After 3 Years of Shower Beer Abuse

One of our followers recently tweeted an ancient Shakoolie still holding strong in the wild. Literally, this thing has been rockin' shower beers like a beast for 3 years long, and to that we say - shower beer on!

#holdingstrong #showerbeeron #Shakoolie