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Shakoolie + Launch Pad

$ 9.97


We Ship Globally!

Shipping outside the US starts at $15 USD. Go ahead...get your Shakoolie!

We Guarantee a Better Shower Beer.

One night, I asked myself "what if I could just stick my beer to that shower wall?"

It was glorious - one of those "AHAAA" moments. I thought, why not take something simple like a beer koozie and make shower beer awesomeness?Just stick it to the wall and now your hands free beer stays ice cold in a steamy shower!

Genius? We think so. But maybe you're thinking - "Shower beers? Is that really a thing?"

Of course! 

The shower beer is the most relaxing thing on the planet. It's great before going out. It's fantastic after work. Plus with Shakoolie, the hands free experience makes your life easy.

We all love a good beer in the shower, and we're just two guys who set out to make a simple thing better. So go ahead and try a Shakoolie today!


Get The Details:

What Will I Get?

  • 1 Shakoolie
  • 1 Launch Pad
  • Shower Beer Awesomeness

What Should I Know?

  • The Launch Pad requires a smooth surface to stick. It is not a suction cup because suction cups won't stick to porous surfaces like tile (trust us, we tried, here's how a suction cup works). If you have a rough shower wall (like stone), then the pad will not stick. Typical shower tiles and vinyl hold like a champ!
  • Be safe with Shakoolie. Always use cans and never use glass bottles. Broken glass will ruin a shower beer!
  • Everyone loves shower beers, but be smart. Never drink and drive.

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