So Fresh and So Clean


by Shakoolie

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105,00 kr

Keep it Clean in There

Getting so fresh and so clean while drinking beer? What a novel concept.

It's time you combine the best of both worlds into one refreshing event. You gotta shower, so why not enjoy a beer while doing it?

What Will I Get?

  • 1 Shakoolie
  • 1 Launch Pad
  • Shower Beer Awesomeness

What Should I Know?

  • The Launch Pad requires a smooth surface to stick. It is not a suction cup because suction cups won't stick to porous surfaces like tile (trust us, we tried, here's how a suction cup works). If you have a rough shower wall (like stone), then the pad will not stick. Typical shower tiles and vinyl hold like a champ!
  • Be safe with Shakoolie. Always use cans and never use glass bottles. Broken glass will ruin a shower beer!
  • Everyone loves shower beers, but be smart. Never drink and drive.