It's My Shower, I'll Booze If I Want To


by Shakoolie


Who Says You Can't Drink Beer in Your Shower?

NOBODY! Look, you're an adult, if you want to enjoy an ice cold beer in your shower, then who's to tell you different?

You deserve to relax. You deserve a little "me" time. The shower beer is the perfect way to make that happen!

What Will I Get?

  • 1 "It's My Shower, I'll Booze If I Want To" Shakoolie
  • 1 Launch Pad
  • Shower Beer Awesomeness

What Should I Know?

  • The Launch Pad requires a smooth surface to stick. It is not a suction cup because suction cups won't stick to porous surfaces like tile (trust us, we tried, here's how a suction cup works). If you have a rough shower wall (like stone), then the pad will not stick. Typical shower tiles and vinyl hold like a champ!
  • Be safe with Shakoolie. Always use cans and never use glass bottles. Broken glass will ruin a shower beer.
  • Everyone loves shower beers, but be smart Never drink and drive.