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Make Showers Great Again

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Take Your Shower Back! 

Are you like us and sick of showers being a place just for getting ready for the day? Do you celebrate the opportunity to get clean while enjoying some of life's favorite beverages? Well fly your flag high and tell the world that you're taking your showers back with this strong-stated shower beer koolie. It's time to Make Showers Great Again.


What Will I Get?

  • 1 "Make Showers Great Again" Shakoolie
  • 1 Launch Pad

What Should I Know?

  • The Launch Pad requires a smooth surface to stick. It is not a suction cup because suction cups won't stick to porous surfaces like tile (trust us, we tried, here's how a suction cup works). If you have a rough shower wall (like stone), then the pad will not stick. Typical shower tiles and vinyl hold like a champ!
  • Be safe with Shakoolie. Always use cans and never use glass bottles. Broken glass will ruin a shower beer.
  • Everyone loves shower beers, but be smart. Never drink and drive.