14 Unique Beer Holders That Are Borderline Genius


"Mmmm...BEER." - Homer Simpson

I'll never forget the first time Homer uttered those two glorious words. My dad lost his shit. And as a kid, I didn't understand why. But anytime my pops found something funny, I too - "lost my shit." But the truth is, maybe Homer and my dad were geniuses at large. Maybe they knew something I didn't? And come to find out, they did - because beer IS freaking delicious! So what happens when geniuses start conversing over delicious beer? They drop science. And that my friends, is how genius products are born. So lets check out the hottest beer holders on the market today...

The Beer Buckle

The folks at Beer Buckle have figured it out. Why not combine southern fashion with beer drinking? Plus the shape of a bottle protruding from your crotch region gives the illusion of a giant manhood (hence the pic above). Only a beer drinker could invent that.

Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Belt

You can never step into a gun fight with too much ammo. Nobody will ever know you're rockin' the Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Belt either. Ya know, cause the camo, bro.

Suzy Kuzy American Beer Mit

We love Murica. So much, that you can let Freedom fly from your fingertips with the Suzy Kuzy American Beer Mit. That's right it's strapped to your hand. Anyone who would set their beer down is a damn commie anyways.

Walnut Studiolo 6-Pack Bicycle Carrier

A beer holder for your bike. Nuff said. Walnut Studiolo 6-Pack Bicycle Carrier makes for the most anticipated ride to your destination, and the funniest ride home after a six-pack.

Swirly Gig

If you've ever been to Nashville, TN - then you've probably heard of "holler n' swaller." Every musician down there will convince you "hollerin" then "shallerin" shots of whiskey is a great idea. And the Swirly Gig fits directly on a mic stand for all those thirsty musicians, genius.

Budweiser's Buddy Cup

Well, this is only in prototype stages. But the Budweiser Buddy Cup being released in Brazil lets you cheers someone at a bar and auto-friends them on Facebook. There's a wifi transmitter in the bottom of the cup linked to your Facebook account. Genius or creepy (probably creepy, I don't need anymore Facebook friends)?

Growler on Board

Buckle in kids! Or buckle in your growlers that is. The Growler on Board makes travelling home with a couple growlers much safer. Plus you won't have growlers rolling around on the floorboards.


Beach cruisers are better with beer. Hell, beaches and beers go hand in hand. Why not install a Kroozie and wobble the beaches in style?


Solves the age old problem - how many have I had? With Scorzie that's no longer a question. Track your beers right on the koozie, because after about 10 everything becomes questionable.


Their motto - "Hit It n Quit It!" The Flowzie makes shotgunning beers easy, and anything that makes drinking easy is alright in my book.


It's so stylish! The BeerHugz has such a unique design it makes a great conversation piece. Genius design at work.

Hammock Beer Holder

Hey, when you gotta hammock, you gotta hammock. Why let your beer spill in an ocean of hammock? Hang it like a pirate sailing the high seas!

Man Cave Pocket Pillow

I agree - "PROPERTY OF XXL MAN CAVE" is not the coolest. But a blank pillow with cup holders on one side brings football watching to max level. Pass out, drink, pass out, drink. You get the picture.


All the Wisconians will love this. A mitten koozie. Nuff said. The Hanskie is obviously made for tailgating, and that, is not a crime.


These beer holders are all great, but personally we love a beer in the shower. I know it's our product, but I also believe its a stroke of genius just like my dad and Homer. shakoolie-shower-beer                 If you love shower beers then check out Shakoolie - here's to great beer holders!