Want More Beer Reviews? Read This.

prof I know you love good beer. I mean, who doesn't? But sometimes I find myself lost in the beer isle. Staring. Aimlessly. It's like "I know I want something new, but it better not suck." Next thing you're rollin' with the ole' trusty dusty Bud Light six-pack - way to go bud, you're a real go-getter. But does it have to be that way? Hell no. You deserve good beer. Life's too short. And that's where our good friend Prof Sudz offers his expertise. Prof Sudz has been serving up tasty beer reviews since 2011 - and that's quite the track record! This week he wrote a special review showing Shakoolie shower beer love. Just scroll through his blog and you'll see the long list of beers he's reviewed. Really, it's quite impressive. The man knows beer, and has proof. So in short, we just wanted to give a shout to our friend Prof Sudz Beer Reviews for giving Shakoolie a shot. Now get over to his blog and start sampling!