5 Random Halloween Costume Ideas for Dudes

It's that time of the year again. Halloween is just around the corner and you still have to find that perfect costume. If you are anything like me, you have no idea want you want at this point. Well don't fret. We've got a couple suggestions for costumes that are attainable, yet cool. So…here they are:


Are you a closet slob who has plenty of body fluid and beer stained white t-shirts? Do you have close to $0 for a Halloween costume, but still want to go as something or someone? Well, then Booger from Revenge of the Nerds is your perfect halloween costume. Booger is the ultimate dirtbag drinker/partier who is always on the hunt for the next great party or lady—so that will play right into your night. Of course, if your friends ask you "Are you dressed up?", you probably have some life-style choices to make. See Booger in action here.


A thick, dapper mustache and a perfectly quaffed head of hair is all you need to pull off the cock-and-balls look of Ron Swanson. This costume says "I see your costume and raise you a red meat and whiskey-loving alpha male". When dressed as Ron, feel free to order gluttonous amounts of beef, never crack a smile, and make drink orders with only a solid stare. Here's a quick taste of Ron.

Kim Jong Il, Late Supreme Leader of North Korea

Was Kim Jong a drinker? Not sure. But if you're looking to rule the bar with an iron fist, what better costume to wear than Kim Jong Il. This costume also offers lots of opportunities for groups. After all, the late leader always travelled with an entourage. You'll just have to decide who gets to be the big guy. If you need some inspiration, check Kim Jong Il looking at things.

MacGruber, All American Bad-Ass

So this isn't quite old, but definitely not new. Regardless, MacGruber is one funny dude with a look that anyone would recognize. Not to mention, MacGruber has some great one-liners. Need material? Check out his Twitter feed.

Psy, Recent South Korean Pop Sensation

Ripped straight from the pop headlines, Psy is the perfect Korean cross-over costume idea. He is the perfect mix of class and cheese, but has the dance that will really stir up the crowd. Check out his f***ing moves here. This costume is guaranteed to get some glances if your looking to stick out in a good way?

In Conclusion

Regardless of what you chose as your costume, remember that Shakoolie is there while you are getting ready. You don't need to wait for that bar or house party to start your Halloween night—start in the shower. Unless you're Booger, in which case, just remember us when you do shower. Happy Halloween!