What are the Top 10 Best Tasting Beers in America?

This is your mission, if you so choose to accept... There's a firestorm brewing - it could get fuzzy. But in battle, nothing goes down smooth. You must fight through the haziness and keep chugging forward. When you can't swallow one more drop, crack another and take names! Are you ready? Your mission: To uncover the best tasting "sweet-sweet brewdogs" on this planet. This is not for the faint beer drinker - still game? Good, keep reading...

What are your favorite American beers?

When I originally handcrafted this post, I almost named it: "What are the Top 10 Best Tasting Beers in the World?" Then I realized that's utterly irresponsible for one human to fathom. It's just not possible, no single man can taste every beer in the world given a lifetime (although I'd love to go down trying). So rather than trying to scientifically pinpoint the best beers in the world, let's make it a matter of opinion - American opinion.  People have different palates, and what I find awesome you might consider to taste like hot garbage. In all transparency, I'm no beer geek. I consider myself decently versed in the beer world, but reading through Ratebeer's Best 2012 made me realize that I need to explore my boundaries.  But this is a decent start to some beers we've recently enjoyed. So here it is - our top 10:  

Shakoolie's Top 10 Best Tasting American Beers

10. Avery White Rascal (Boulder, CO) 9. Magic Hat #9 (Burlington, VT)  8. Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (Longmont, CO) 7. New Belgium Abbey (Fort Collins, CO) 6. Boulevard Tank 7 Saison (Kansas City, MO) 5. Bells Two Hearted Ale (Galesburg, MI) 4. Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale (Escondido, CA) 3. Ommegang Rare VOS (Cooperstown, NY) 2. Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (Escondido, CA) 1. Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Newport, OR)  

There is no wrong answer

If you love Budweiser - rep it hard. If Busch Light is your favorite beer enjoyed in the shower - then nobody can tell you different in this post! Please, you don't have to sex us with your seductive beer swagger. The right answer is whatever YOU like to drink, and whatever recently enjoyed beer really "buttered yo bread." 

So what'll it be America? What's your favorite beer?